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There is a new venture called the Lynton Cinema Film Club. It intends to host a film or two a month based on their members preferred choices. They may range from the avant garde to the popular classics. Membership is open to anyone. Membership will cost £10 per annum with a £3 charge per viewing of each film attended. Non-members will be also be able to attend but they will be charged £5 and preference for seating will be given to members. The films will be selected from a pool of films chosen by members based on the following criteria: a film missed, a film seen but not on a full size screen or a film seen but which is of such a quality that it is thought to be deserving of a wider audience.

They hope to show a diverse range of films at weekends as a matinee showing with the occasional late night horror or Sci-Fi specials. Dependant on funds their long term plans are to provide a Saturday morning club for parents and toddlers,special showings of silent films with live soundtracks and links with local film festivals and events.

Once all members have been registered, membership cards and a small button badge will be issued and a launch date will be announced with a special weekend screening.

The Lynton Film Club is being organized separately from Lynton Cinema whose showings will not be affected.

The Lynton Film Club
c/o John Arbon Textiles
19 Queen Street
EX35 6AA
Tel: 01598 752490

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